Apex Legends brings out new method to filter cheaters

Apex Legends brings out new method to filter cheaters

Respawn Entertainment, in its continuing fight towards cheaters and spammers in Apex Legends, will quickly match them up towards one another to stop them from destroying the expertise for official gamers.

The developer, in a check-in post on Reddit, supplied a glimpse into what it’s engaged on behind the scenes to combat cheating within the battle royale shooter.

One of the many options that Respawn is engaged on is matchmaking that may place detected cheaters and spammers in video games towards one another. By making them fight towards one another, official gamers can be saved from the frustration of going up towards cheaters, although Redditors consider that there are different advantages to Respawn’s move.

Redditor Danksop stated that by making cheaters struggle towards one another as an alternative of outright banning them, they’ll stay off the sport’s dwell servers as a ban will doubtless simply make them create one other account instantly.

Cheaters could quickly figure out what they’re going up against different cheaters exclusively, and will then create a brand new account to get again to the live servers. Nonetheless, as Redditor G00dcoffee pointed out, as they keep playing after being flagged as cheaters, Respawn will be able to collect data from them to improve its own anti-cheat measures.

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