Amazon’s 2nd gen echo is at its lowest price ever this Prime Day

Whereas Amazon never marketed a full month of “doorbuster savings on top manufacturers”, like eBay did when announcing plans to “crash” the e-commerce big’s 48-hour Prime Day deal extravaganza, we always suspected the massive discounts would kick off a lot earlier than July 15.

It is therefore not that surprising to see the second-gen Echo marked down by a large $50 already for Amazon Prime members mere days after the popular LG Stylo 4 smartphone scored an outright colossal $140 discount. That equates to a full 50 percent off Amazon’s extremely well-reviewed smart speaker in its second “standard” incarnation, which additionally represents the lowest price level this Alexa-enabled device has ever hit.
Along with the Prime membership requirement, one other very important detail you could consider here is that you’re looking at an Amazon “deal of the day”, which suggests you don’t have a lot of time to act before the Echo (2nd Generation) will jump back up in price to 70 or 100 bucks. Available in a stylish fabric design and three different colors (charcoal, gray, and sandstone), this specific model of the crazy popular Echo does not include either a touchscreen or a built-in smart home hub.
However you do get access to each single (non-visual) trick up Alexa’s sleeve, from music streaming to alarms and timers, answers to all your questions, smart home controls (with a separate hub), Skype calling, weather info, news updates, shopping checklist management, and a lot extra, all without ever having to lift a finger and touching the device. Whether or not you consider Google Assistant superior to Amazon’s AI-powered voice assistant, that’s some phenomenal bang in your buck that the Google Home cannot often compete with.

Edison Carroll

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