Look At New Leaks On Huawei’s New Flagship Killer

Look At New Leaks On Huawei’s New Flagship Killer

The Huawei Mate 30 Pro will definitely be one of the most important flagships hitting stores in the second half of the year, no matter what happens with the Huawei ban in the United States. Its predecessor made waves last fall, providing patrons just a few features that weren’t available on other Android flagships like a triple-lens camera on the back, 3D facial recognition, and a next-generation 7nm processor. In other words, it was far more superior than different leading Android phones at the time, including Samsung’s popular Galaxy flagships. We’ve already seen the first round of leaks showing the purported design of the new Mate 30 Pro, and now we have now even more images to show you.

We’re purported Mate 30 Pro screen protectors that look very familiar. That’s because they appear to match the Galaxy Note 10’s design, an unannounced phone whose accessories are already available for sale.

The Mate 30 Pro will apparently have very skinny top and bottom bezels, in addition to curved edges just like Samsung’s flagships — the Mate 20 Pro also featured a curved display as nicely. Nonetheless, the Mate 30 Pro will function a little notch on the top, which has been blurred in the picture above. That’s assuming the picture shows an actual Mate 30 Pro accessory.

A second picture posted on Weibo shows the alleged camera design of the Mate 30 Pro. However that is doubtless a fan-made render based on latest rumors, versus a leak.

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