Samsung Sued Over Misleading Customers About Their Phones IP Raiting

Samsung Sued Over Misleading Customers About Their Phones IP Raiting

Samsung is on the forefront of water ingress protection on its devices, with several generations of Galaxy S flagships offering IP68 dust and water resistance. IP68 is the industry standard today, with everyone from Apple and Huawei providing the same level of protection on their flagships.

The IP68 rating permits gadgets to be submerged in water as much as 1.5 meters for 30 minutes, as Samsung states here. Nonetheless, what most manufacturers do not point out is that these claims are generally for freshwater, and do not hold up near a beach or a swimming pool.

That hasn’t prevented brands from advertising the phones close to a pool or at the ocean, and Samsung has now gotten into hot water over it. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is suing Samsung for misleading Galaxy owners over water resistance claims.

Samsung does mention that the IP68 rating is for submersion in freshwater, but the ACCC is taking issue with the fact that the brand misled prospects about its products’ capabilities by promoting Galaxy gadgets at beaches or pools. Gadgets with water damage aren’t covered beneath guarantee, and routine immersion in water will break any device. Simply because a phone is marketed as water-resistant, it isn’t immune to all liquids.

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