Samsung Fold Back In Action With A Redesigned Display

Samsung Fold Back In Action With A Redesigned Display

Samsung has redesigned the Fold to handle the display screen sturdiness points that torpedoed its launch, Bloomberg reports, with the folding phone quickly to start commercial production. The company still isn’t able to verify a release date, however, and one person informed Bloomberg that the phone is unlikely to resurface at next month’s Note 10 event.

Samsung is said to have made the screen’s protective film “integrate into the bezels, so it would be impossible to peel off by hand.” Previous review units shipped with a film that seemed like a removable screen protector, even though removing it will destroy the screen — as some reviewers found out.

The Verge’s unit had a different problem, nevertheless, growing a weird bulge that finally broke the display panel. It’s not clear whether Samsung’s re-engineered hinge, which is outwardly now flush with the show and stretches the protecting film more, would do something for that problem.

We’ll see how that shakes out; however the primary takeaway from the report is that the Fold ought to return someday this year. When it does, you may count on a lot of scrutinies.

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